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Pres Bonspiel Winners 2017


Report by Jim Strang
We began the new season on the ice in the usual fashion.
Lots of new clothes on show, lots of enthusiastic shouting,
lots of bad shots and lots of stiff sore bodies the following day.
It was also good to see some new members
being made to feel very welcome.
After lots of shuffling of teams by our match secretary
Willie Craig finally settled on his own winning team. (he thought)
The 7 ends were played on very good ice
after which we had our lovely buffet meal.
Then on to the prizegiving where our president Willie Craig
sat out 4 egg cups and 4 nice photo frames
with a picture of himself looking his best in them.
To everyone’s amazement he announced the egg cups were for the booby,
not the photo of himself.
I think this was decided after he realised
the bottom team on minus 7 was the one skipped by himself,
Peter Henderson third, Kate Torrance second and Katie Brown lead.
The runner up team on plus 7 was James Baird,
George Ballantyne, Aileen King and Robert Paterson
and the winners on plus 8 were President’s wife Jackie Craig,
Nancy Rutherford, Issy Tait and new member Tom Bryson (good start).
Jackie, upon receiving her photo frame
proceeded to kiss and hug it in such loving fashion,
the audience had to look away.
It must have been a lot easier than working with the real one.

p.s. Great to see future member Amy Paterson
on her first trip to the ice rink.
Pps Laura Strang’s shoes looked very similar
to a pair of golf shoes I used to have.
Must talk her father into buying her a new pair
before she suffers the kind of humiliating experience I did.

Tues 19th Sept 2017 5-45pm

No 1
Skip Jackie Craig
Nancy Rutherford
Issy Tait
Tom Bryson

No 2
Skip Chris Rennie
Alison Taylor
Janet Leiper
Fiona Argo

No 3
Skip Eric Richardson
Jill Strang
Craig Lambie
Len Baker

No 4 Skip
Tommy Campbell
Elaine Semple
Ross Owen
Karen Dalgarno

No 5 Skip William Boyd
Emma Hair
Jim Boyd
Douglas Paton

No 6 Skip Willie Craig
Fiona McGinnis
Kate Torrance
Katie Brown

No 7 Skip John King
Emma Craig
Mhairi McQuillan
Gail Gilmour

No 8 Skip James Baird
Audrey King
Aileen King
Robert Paterson

No 9 Skip Willie Dykes
James Strang
Laura Strang
Alex Rennie

No 10 Skip Willie King
Helen Drummond
Bill Paton
Alison Young

No 11 Skip Jim Strang
James Hair
Bill Gibson
Elisabeth Forsyth

No 12 Skip
William Baird
Jim Drumgold
Bill Fraser
John Gilmour

Carolyn Baird,
Daniel Marsh,
Laura Weir,
Caroline Morrison,
Katy Richardson,
Alistair Torrance,
Karen Torrance,
Colette Maule.

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